It’s been a day. I’m not really sure where to start. I’m guessing the beginning might be as good a place as any. I was supposed to be working from home this morning. After the usual morning routine, filled with child wrangling, breakfast and lunch making, and washing up, I sat at the desk in … Continue reading North

Rock Bottom

Contrary to the rather misleading title, this post is not about a personal disaster resulting in “hitting rock bottom” – it’s about the local summer music festival we attended yesterday evening. It was a fitting way to end a ridiculous day really – I spent the morning combating the jungle at the end of the … Continue reading Rock Bottom

Contemplating Change

For the last week or so I’ve got in from work, done the chores, then sat outside and watched the cats, hedgehogs, bats, and whatever else go about their business until bedtime. I have hardly touched the computer. The blog posts I have written have been very much “turn the handle on the sausage machine” … Continue reading Contemplating Change