Two Worlds

I started putting the pieces of the jigsaw together tonight to prepare for my WordPress account running out in May. The story really started several days ago, when I messaged technical support at (the blogging platform that hooks up to Evernote), and asked them to help me deal with the spammer than hijacked my … Continue reading Two Worlds

The Ticking Clock

My hosting plan at WordPress runs out in four months. Being completely truthful, I don’t know if I’m going to carry on – or even if I want to carry on. I know I’ve wobbled quite a bit in recent months, and you’re probably bored of reading about it, but I’m wondering if maybe it’s … Continue reading The Ticking Clock

Nothing in Particular

We made it to Friday again! Do we get cake, or party poppers or something? It feels like we should. I walked into work again this morning – dragging my eldest daughter with me. She’s sitting opposite me, quietly tinkering with something or other on her laptop, and fiddling with her bullet journal. It took … Continue reading Nothing in Particular

Manic Monday

I have “Monday Monday” by the Bangles bouncing around inside my head today. It won’t go away. I think “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles may have been the first twelve inch single I ever bought. Oh crikey – it just occurred to me that most people younger than perhaps thirty will have no idea what … Continue reading Manic Monday