A Little More Conversation

In the slightly reckless spirit of making it easier for random passers by to comment on the various posts at jonbeckett.com, I have swapped out the default commenting system for “Disqus”. What does this mean? Essentially it means it will be easier to comment, and easier to have a conversation in the comments (well that’s the plan, anyway).

I’m not going to nerd out too much about Disqus – if you’ve been around the internet a bit you will have seen their system elsewhere. You can pick which identity to use when commenting –  from anonymous, to Twitter, Facebook, or Google. It just works.

I wondered about allowing anonymous comments for all of two seconds. I really don’t see a problem with it. If somebody wants to fill the blog with rubbish comments, I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that Disqus will catch them for me. That’s the plan anyway. If I appear at some point in the next few days with torn clothes, mumbling something about making a “terrible mistake”, you’ll know what happened.

Now if you’ll excuse me I really, really need to get back to posting about life, the universe and everything. Quite enough nerding out for one week.

Postscript – while searching for a random stock photo to go with this post, I started laughing at the various photos of models pretending to talk to each other. The photos are begging for captions to be plastered all over them – really, really scandalous captions.

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