Night Falls in Oxford Circus

While walking along Regent Street towards Oxford Circus this evening, a gap in the traffic exposed the rain soaked roads, and suddenly drab, cold, noisy London was transformed for a few moments. I grabbed my phone and took the above picture before the scene became swamped in buses, motorbikes, and hoards of irritable business people.

I bagged a window seat in “Pret a Manger” at lunchtime, and watched the world go by while feeding my face. A single hipster with a cashmere bobble hat sat outside, huddled against the cold. He ate two hard boiled eggs - taking quite some time sprinkling salt and pepper on them before eating them with his fingers. Sitting across from him, two pretty girls sat at a table, wrapped up like Eskimos, engrossed in conversation for the entire time I was there. They made me realise that I was there on my own – I had nobody to talk to – nobody to meet – nobody to spend any time with.

Usually I’m fine in my own company, but for some reason today I wasn’t.

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