Connecting More Dots

I am experimenting with the machinery of the vast and mighty internet once again. I’m not sure it will actually come to anything, but it will be interesting. Ok – it will be interesting to me – maybe not to you.

Seeing as each common blogging platform has a different community within it, I am going to see what happens if I cross post the same content to each of them. The words that originate at Squarespace will flow out across WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, and Tumblr. I you’re a user at any of them, feel free to add, friend, follow, or subscribe in each place.

Yes, I am mad – but it makes one thing certain – this blog is the centre of the maelstrom. This blog is where the words come from, and where they will always be. Sure, Tumblr might get photos from instagram, and LiveJournal might get the odd “extra” post when I’m annoyed with the universe, but I think overall this is a half-decent idea.

All I am really doing is a manual version of what Posterous once did – you could write in one place and it would mechanically post to everywhere else for you. Copying the post out to the four corners of the blogosphere takes no longer than a minute or two though, so I can’t see the harm in doing it.

Online publishing zealots would probably argue that I’m “diluting my brand”, but let’s be real – this is an online journal that’s usually mundane beyond belief. That anybody reads it is at all is surprising enough.

So there you go. Time to go make a coffee. Coffee is always a good idea.

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