Cards Against Humanity

Oh. My. Word. We went for a meal at a friend’s house last night, and after eating lots of wonderful food, and drinking lots of wonderful wine, we got out “Cards Against Humanity”. None of us had played it before. My cheeks have not hurt from laughing so much in quite some time.

If you have not heard of “Cards Against Humanity”, I can probably sum it up pretty quickly – each person around the table takes turns to play a black card that has a sentence on it, with one or more of the words being blank. It is then up to everybody else (from the 10 white cards they have randomly drawn) to pick the best/funniest/most horrific match that they think the dealer will pick as the “best”. That’s really all there is to it.

Here’s the thing – when you get a group of old friends together, all of a certain age, and all a bit drunk, the entire game turns away from “being clever” to “being as shocking or depraved as possible” – and it’s damn funny. The most unlikely people end up playing the most shocking cards – as did my other half. She fell face down on the table in laughter/shame more than once, and caused cheers from everybody playing that somebody had extended what had been considered “the gutter” even further.

All good things come to an end – and for us that happened at about midnight, when we stumbled off home, still giggling in the cold night air about the game, and wondering when we might play it next. I imagine it gets old pretty quick, but given a group of good friends, a few drinks, and some pretty sick imaginations, it’s very, very good fun.

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