A few of my Favourite Things

When I sat down to compile this list earlier this evening, I was planning on putting a blogroll together, but then it kind of morphed into this post. Before you feel down that your blog isn’t in this short list, take note of the title – this is just a few of the blogs I try to follow, picked pretty randomly. I will almost certainly repeat this post again in the future, highlighting a few more.

SoÂ… which blogs might I pick for this first selection of favourites?Advice from a Single GirlI’m not entirely sure when I started reading Victoria’s blog – but it’s always been one of my favourites. She writes wonderfully, and her bravery in tackling many of the subjects I tend to keep at arms length is hugely inspiring.

House of the MoonAlthough technically not active any more, Lunesse’s blog goes way back to my first days on the internet in the mid to late 1990s. I’m still not sure how we crossed paths, but we’ve been friends ever since (and missed each other in the US by one day – totally my fault). Oh – she’s a stunning glass artists too.

Weird Norwegian GirlI discovered Ingvild while playing around with LiveJournal years ago, and we became unlikely far-flung friends. Although she doesn’t write very often, she was once kind of “LiveJournal Famous” in her part of the world, and takes the most amazing photos. The fact that she can write English so well (when it’s not her first language) has always impressed the hell out of me.

Straight Jackets OptionalA more recent discovery on LiveJournal, and now a wonderful friend. She has a story telling knack that I marvel at – spinning out huge yarns about roads less travelled that suck me if for hours on end. She writes wonderfully, and is hugely entertaining.

This Mom’s WiredI discovered Sarah’s blog while taking part in the first run of “National Blog Posting Month” back in 2006. She has always been perhaps the best writer I have known among the bloggers I have followed. She tells stories about hopes, dreams and fears better than anybody I have ever known online, and has always served as an inspiration of sorts.

WebGirlUKWe crossed paths through our blogs in the last 12 months, and have rapidly become unlikely friends. When not juggling two vocations that many might regard as full time gigs, she writes a wonderful blog filled with all manner of thoughtful posts about anything and everything. She also takes the time to reach out to readers – something I’m usually rubbish at, so respect enormously.

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