Appearances can be Deceptive

You would think – being a professional software and web developer in the daytime – that I would have some sort of kick-ass computer hardware at my disposal away from work. You would be wrong. The desktop computer at home is at least 7 years old. It is made up of two computers – one of which failed, and we robbed parts from. It’s hard drive came from an old external drive. The video card was the cheapest available at the time. The laptop I use at home is a three year old Google Chromebook. It’s the first one that Samsung made. I’m using it now. It cost less than a fifth the price of a Macbook. My mobile phone is a Moto G. It costs about a quarter the price of an iPhone. My tablet is an Amazon Fire tablet. It was in the black-friday sale this year. It cost about a sixth the price of an Apple iPad Mini.

Everything I have gets used a lot. I look at people spending megabucks on the latest Apple toys and wonder what the hell they are doing – you’ve all seen the photos I get out of my phone.

I don’t think there really was a point to this post, other than to shout “don’t feel bad about not having the latest, greatest computer stuff, because none of it really matters – what really matters is your words, your story, your thoughts, your ideas, your hopes, and your dreams”.

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