Tending to be Different

Following recurring thoughts about separation of blogging concerns in recent days, I finally caved last night and began pulling apart the components I had so carefully fitted together. Within an hour the motherlode of everything I have written since 2003 re-surfaced at WordPress, and a hastily improvised message was pasted to the front page of Squarespace to explain the sudden disappearance of almost everything.

Then I went to bed.

This morning I looked up “Divergent” in the dictionary. It means “tending to be different, or to develop in different areas”. The name of this blog has therefore become oddly prescient. Separating the blog from my name affords a certain amount of freedom. Freedom to tell stories and explore thoughts and ideas that would have perhaps been uncomfortable if attached directly to my name. That’s not to say I will suddenly begin publishing scandalous or incendiary content – just that I will have a little more wiggle room.

I will admit to grinning at my own idiocy. I’m back at WordPress. Again. Given the number of times I have migrated huge quantities of content into and out of their server farm over the years, I should probably look into switching careers. I wonder what it’s like – being a “Happiness Engineer” ? (no, really – that’s what they call their support staff).

So. I guess I need to get back on the life-streaming horse, given that I’ve set out my stall. Time to start writing about life again, instead of interminable posts about blogging, and online publishing platforms, and blah, blah, blah…

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