A Long Day

Today was kind of forgettable. Not all of it – just some of it. As has become normal recently, my journey home from a distant client site was interrupted by a phone call from home where my other half tearfully asked when I would get back. I’m seriously considering having words in the office – to significantly limit my trips away for the forseable future if possible (it won’t be possible, but asking will at least get it on the record).

I saw a quote while scrolling through the Tumblr news feed on my way home this evening – that life is what you make of it. I very nearly replied to it with a rebuttal – that life is what you make of it if you don’t have a family. If you have a family, you don’t really have a life any more – certainly not in the same manner you might have had when you were single. Have you ever noticed it’s always single people that post the inspirational quotes? They don’t have enough life experience yet to learn how futile everything is.

While waiting for the first train of my epic journey back an old lady walked past – or rather shuffled past. I couldn’t help wondering how she had managed to cross the nearby road junctions to get to the station, given her speed over the ground (perhaps she had caused a traffic jam?).

Once we arrived in London, a rather ridiculously large gentleman was walking towards the same train as me – with a gaggle of passengers stuck behind him as he waddled along the platform. How on earth do people become *that* overweight? Just walking seemed to be a huge struggle for him, and of course he took up an entire row of seats on the train. I get it – some people have psychological issues around food, but it must take a *long* time to reach that point – and obviously nobody intervened. That kind of angers me.

Once on the train, an Asian guy sat down opposite me who couldn’t sit still. He started off sitting normally, but as soon as the train pulled out, he made a point of turning, and almost lying down across three seats – wiggling his feet around in mid-air. Why? After lying their prostate for a few moments, he then swung around and slouched spectacularly for the remainder of the journey, talking to somebody or other on his hands-free phone headphones (or maybe he was pretending).

On my final train towards home I picked up a coffee cup that was rolling around on the floor of the train, and wondered why (a) somebody had left it on the floor, and (b) why somebody else hadn’t picked it up – it had obviously been rolling around for a while. I can’t stand people with no civic pride.

Sorry for the negative post. I’m sure I’ll cheer up by tomorrow. I need to go watch some junk on the TV or something. In reality, I spent most of my journey home wondering about ditching my Squarespace account – it’s total and utter overkill for my “half sensible” blog, but then I’ve paid for it until the end of the year. My heart says I should buy a Raspberry Pi 3 and install my own Drupal server, but my head says I should carry on with Squarespace until it’s renewal comes up. I’ll sit on my hands for the moment.

I might order a Raspberry Pi 3 though…

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