43rd Lap

I have now been a living, breathing creature for the time it takes the ball of mud we all share to hurtle around an insignificant G type main sequence star 43 times. Wow – that was an opening sentence and a half.

It’s kind of sad that I’m no longer on the same lap as the number that Deep Thought – the computer built by the people of Magrathea – determined as the answer to “life, the universe, and everything” (which coincidentally is the category I apportion all posts to within my WordPress blog).


Before anybody asks if I’m doing anything special today, no I am not. Life carries on in our household as per normal – the endless cycle of washing clothes, making meals, washing dishes, ferrying children to after-school-clubs, and so on. In between making bacon sandwiches and washing up this morning I did get a chance to open my presents and cards. The children bought me a huge book about comic books, which I will nerd out over later tonight if I get a chance. My other half bought me the Filofax I wrote about recently, but given the hilariously vague descriptions of Filofaxes on Amazon, we will be exchanging it for the one I really meant, rather than the one Amazon thought I meant.

In other news, I finally did something about my “sensible” blog last night – the one attached to my vanity domain name (if you didn’t know, I own a domain name that corresponds with my name). I had been using Squarespace to host content there, but had grown increasingly weary of the speed it (doesn’t) respond, and the size of the pages it generates. I guess only a web developer would worry about such things, but cutting a long and boring story very short indeed, I switched to the “Ghost” content publishing platform. I’ve used it before, and I should never have left it.

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