Eating Chocolate Cookies

I’m sitting in the dark of the study at home eating chocolate cookies, on my own. The rest of the family are having a “movie night”, watching the movie “Jesus Christ Superstar”. I’ve seen it before, and I’m not particularly interested in seeing it again, so I’m letting my other half be in her element with the kids (she’s a huge nerd-out fan of it). If I sit and watch it I’ll inevitably pick holes in the Bible while watching it, and drive them all nuts.

It’s been a strange week. I’ve been mostly in the office, working on a client system, or on long conference calls with distant clients. As you will have gathered if you’ve been reading recently, it was my birthday – something of a non-event when you get to my advanced age – so there have been pictures of cakes on Instagram, and lots of prodded “Happy Birthday” messages from friends on Facebook.

It’s funny – I usually keep Facebook at arms length, because of the colossal pissing competition it’s turned into, but getting all the messages for my birthday changed my mind a little bit. Given the crappy time I’ve been having recently (and have not shared here), receiving so many words from so many people was kind of nice. I’m tempted to say it was needed, but I’m not a very needy person, so that would be overly dramatic. It was nice.

One great thing that did come out of the week was a random movie we watched last night – “The Intern”, starring Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway. We chose it mostly by chance, but found ourselves smiling throughout. I’m not going to ruin the story if you haven’t seen it – just go find it and watch it, okay?My new Filofax finally arrived today, so I imagine the rest of this evening will be spent transcribing all manner of calendar dates and contact into into it. It’s a different form factor than my old one too, so I can’t just swap the pages across. Guess who’s going shopping for stationary in the morning…

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