The Destruction of Beauty

If you’re somebody that has worked damn hard to look the way you do, don’t ever feel guilty about posting photos of yourself on the social internet. Just remember to switch off any anonymous feedback routes, because there will always be somebody looking to feed off any anxiety they can cause.

Sure, some people lucked into great genetics, but that’s only a part of the jigsaw. Grace, confidence, honesty, bravery – these are the real things that cause us to look further than an initial glance.

Those posting negative feedback on social networks would do well to learn a little about grace, humility, manners, and kindness. They might also consider directing their energies in more positive directions than tearing down those that have invested hard work and sacrifice in looking the way they do.

The fact that somebody looks a certain way is not so important – that they have the freedom to express themselves without having to deal with somebody else’s agenda is hugely important.

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