In Limbo

I was working from home this morning – right up until the moment our telephone and internet connections cut out. Today is the day we become members of the modern developed world, and finally get fibre broadband to our house. Previously we had been receiving about 12 megabits a second on “normal” broadband – going to fibre will lift that to about 35 megabits. Maybe. When it starts working. There is the hope of double, or quadruple that in the future too.

I’m posting this from my mobile phone, which seems quite happy sharing it’s internet connection as a hot-spot. It’s got a pretty good 4G connection, so it’s not entirely dissimilar to a broadband connection – I just have to be careful not to go mad with it, because it’s eating into some kind of tarrif for the month.

As soon as the connection died earlier I swapped out the old internet router, and configured the new one to have the same network name, password, and IP address range as the old one – which hopefully means all the devices on the network still work. If we have spotty coverage around the house, we’ll have to think about moving the phone socket and/or running a second router perhaps. Our house is a networking nightmare – radio signals tend not to go through foot-thick brick walls built 70 years ago.

At the moment the desktop PC is sitting with the router status screen in a browser window, testing the connection every couple of minutes, and always coming back with “No internet connection” at the moment. To be honest, given our history with telephone and internet companies, I would be surprised if some kind of cock-up didn’t happen.

In other news, I have reclaimed one of the iPads (we have two) for my own use. The kids weren’t using it much any more, and it seemed silly for it to sit around all the time. The first thing I installed on it was the Comixology App. iPads are perfect for reading comics – not that I ever have time to damn well sit and read. Other than that though, I had forgotten how clunky iOS is compared to Android. I’m not entirely sure when Android overtook it, but it’s now much, much nicer than iOS for day-to-day use (and yes, I am comparing the latest versions).

Anyway – I need a drink. And a headache tablet. I’ve had a headache and a stiff neck all day. I must have slept awkwardly.(several hours pass while the rest of the family return home, dinner happens, washing up happens, and all that other rubbish)It’s now 11:51pm. We still don’t have a broadband connection, but we do have a telephone line now – which is at least progress of a sort. Fingers crossed the internet connection will appear by the morning in all it’s fibre-optic-speediness.

I just watched a documentary about the life and career of George Martin – the producer of the Beatles. It reminded me how much I love their music, and how little recognition he got for an awful lot of their recorded music. I might be digging out some Beatles albums to listen to tomorrow. I think perhaps my favourite moments during the programme were when he let his accent slip – and the London accept slipped past the “received English” accent he had so carefully used throughout his life.

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