Breaking Rhythm

For months I have been a blogging automaton of sorts – posting something or other each day – rain or shine. And yet, over the last week I have missed day after day. The blog has become the last thing on my mind. No doubt I will write about the reasons one day (and there are very good reasons for my distraction), but for now – let’s just pretend that it’s nice to take a break.

There was a time of course when people thought it insane to try and write every day – which gave rise to “madcap” challenges such as “National Blog Posting Month”. Of course these days most people engaged in the social internet post many times a day to many platforms. Some seem more afflicted than others with the compulsion to share every facet of their life, and to react to every vibration of our phone like a gun-slinger on a hair trigger.

When the quiet days happen (which are many for me), I churn out some of the most mundane blog posts imaginable – and can almost hear a distant friend whispering in my year – “you’re blogging about blogging again…”.

There’s a rather famous quote by Plato that probably applies:Wise men speak because they have something to say – fools because they have to say something.

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