The one where we watched Paul again

After flicking through the channels last night looking for something to watch after the kids had gone to bed, I noticed that “Paul” was just starting, so suddenly a tedious choice became very easy indeed.

I love “Paul”. I’m not sure if I like it because of the laugh out loud moments, the hundreds of easter eggs, or because it sticks a finger up so confidently at anybody and everybody that either believe in any form of religion, or attempt to push their particular faith on others through whichever twisted logic they’ve been told to promote this week.

I love that several people I know didn’t like the movie, and I love the reason they didn’t like it – because they “didn’t think it was funny” (read: they didn’t like that the movie pointed a ridiculing finger directly at them).

Am I being deliberately controversial? Perhaps. I am in a bad mood today? Perhaps. But maybe I’m also fed up of tip-toeing around everybody who believes in this or that, regardless of how stupid I think their beliefs are, so I don’t hurt anybody’s feelings. Religion is no different than “fanboyism” really – in that people who have invested themselves in learning about, and supporting a particular “thing” – for whatever reason – will then defend their decision in the face of any and all logical arguments opposing it.

Everybody needs to grow up, and laugh out loud when Agent Zoil shoots the radio, and says “it was a boring conversation anyway”.

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