Pancakes for Breakfast

Today is a bank holiday in the UK. Despite the separation of Church and State here, Easter dictates that everybody gets Friday and Monday off. I’m not complaining – it means I get a couple of days off work.

Miss 12 arrived in the bedroom doorway this morning in her pyjamas.”Can we make pancakes for breakfast”The cogs started turning in my head immediately. If the kids made pancakes they would cause a colossal mess, return to ask questions repeatedly, and not wash up properly afterwards.”I’ll do you a deal – if you tidy your bedroom up, I’ll make you pancakes”They retreated to their bedroom.

Twenty minutes later I got out of the shower, brushed my teeth, pulled some clothes on, and went hunting around the kitchen for butter, flour, eggs, and milk (yes, if you have never made them – pancakes really are that simple). Five minutes later the kids were sitting at the dining table, plastering their freshly made pancakes with syrup. Two minutes after that the plates, mixing bowl, tea cups, mixer paddles, and everything else were in the sink.

It always seems to me that pancakes require an awful lot of washing up for not much end result. It’s probably no surprise you can buy them ready-made in the supermarket, and just microwave them. That seems like cheating somehow though – and they do look excellent in the frying pan…

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