The one where I bought my own Easter Egg

I went shopping at 4pm this afternoon for Easter eggs – because otherwise our kids wouldn’t have had any at all. Let’s try to ignore that my other half spent the entire day shopping, and didn’t think to get any.

I figured my best chance late on the afternoon of the final day before Easter Sunday would probably be the big supermarket in the middle of town. I wandered in, ready to pick up whatever they had, and discovered that “whatever they had” was down to half a shelf of their own-brand chocolate eggs, and nothing else. I immediately picked four of them up (one for each of the kids, and one for myself – my other half is “sugar free” at the moment, so refusing all chocolate), and wandered off to get other groceries for dinner. As I did so, I could hear other shoppers arguing over the lack of anything on the shelves.

It’s funny – I remember listening to a podcast years ago, where Larry Niven commented that any society is only a few days from anarchy if you cut the supply chain of the populance. I couldn’t quite believe how quickly the mayhem kicked off given a starting point of “out of stock of Easter eggs”. One couple were openly arguing with each other in the middle of the supermarket – blaming each other for there being no stock on the shelf.

I seem to remember noticing the same thing last year – that the supermarket shelves emptied out as we got closer to Easter Sunday. I bet it’s all down to computer stock control systems being finely tuned to avoid overstocking. I always remember when I was a kid seeing huge sales of chocolate eggs after Easter as shops got rid of their unsold stock. That doesn’t seem to happen any more.

Anyway… Easter Sunday tomorrow. Better brush my teeth well tonight. 

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