Dawn of Justice

Following the football match we were supposed to be watching this afternoon being called off, I managed to sneak off to the cinema this afternoon and watch “Dawn of Justice” – the quarter of a billion dollar Batman/Superman/Wonderwoman/Doomsday slug-fest that the critics, and movie-snob internet hipsters all tried to trash.

I’m afraid I’m going to take sides – with the millions of people that have taken no notice what-so-ever of the critics, or the overly analytical cinemaphiles. I loved it. I loved a lot of things about it. Yes, I could go on about the cinematography, or the special effects, or the soundtrack, or how Gal Gadot blew both Batfleck and Henry Cavill out of the water from the moment she appeared on the screen (and confounded the clueless journalists and comic-book-nerds that wrote her off from the moment she  was cast).

It was not a movie to take children to. I’m always amazed when parents turn up with young children, having taken no notice at all of the film classification – and this was no different. I spotted a young boy of about 9 years old at the front of the cinema, and wondered what he thought half-way through the movie. He was probably at turns either bored, embarrassed, or horrified.

This wasn’t a pop-corn super-hero movie at all.

And just for the record – I loved the closing moment before the credits rolled. The movie was full of such moments – that vacant idiots not paying attention would have missed. The entire movie was full of easter eggs, oblique references, and clever connections to stories yet to come – but then I’m guessing most of it blew past the critics and hipsters that were either busy fishing around in the bottom of their popcorn, or checking their text messages.

I liked it. A lot.

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