This is going to be interesting. I bought a new app for the iPad last night – the first app I’ve actually parted with money for in the Apple App Store in about five years. Before you all get butt hurt about me usually being anti-Apple, let’s just remind ourselves that I’ve paid the developers of the app, and Apple have taken an extortionate royalty from them.

I bought an editor. A text editor. It’s called “Editorial”, and it’s rather lovely. It lets me write posts in Markdown syntax, and synchronise them with DropBox – meaning I can then drop them into a blog post when I next get to a “proper” computer. I’ve only really scratched the surface of the app, but so far it seems very nice. It might even get me to use the iPad instead of complain about it.

In other news, after promising myself that I would take a proper lunch break today, I worked straight through again. I’m building a pre-sales demo for a big client next week, and while eating my lunch (a pretty rubbish ham roll), thought of how to do something – so just carried on, rather than taking a break.

I’m typing this on the iPad screen. Not sure if I could put up with this for that long. I have a Bluetooth keyboard at home that may be a lot more useable. Typing on the touch screen I tend to look at my fingers rather than the words I’m typing (if that makes any sense at all) – on a normal keyboard I tend to touch type and just look at the words while typing…. Half an hour passesAh crap… I just spent the last half an hour back on work stuff because an email arrived, and guess what – I can’t ignore email. Not while I’m at work. Actually, people who do ignore calls when they are “on a break” annoy the crap out of me. I once had a client on the phone that desperately needed to talk to a particular person, and they purposely put their music headphones on, and let the phone ring… I could never do that to somebody.

Anyway. I think it might be coffee o’clock.

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