I’m sitting in the lounge, with the iPad and the Bluetooth keyboard propped on my lap. Figure this one out – as I type, the keyboard slides gently to the right – very, very slowly – until the left hand side of the keyboard falls between my legs. Why on earth might it do that?I’ve done nothing this evening. I got in from work at about 6pm, started washing up immediately, got shouted at for making my other half feel bad (get this – everybody had been in all day, but they hadn’t even got the milk off the doorstep). We then ate dinner, and I washed up again. Washing up took over an hour. You might wonder why nobody helped me, but I actually prefer to do the washing up on my own – because at least then I know things will get washed properly, get put away in the right places, and that everything will get done. The kids washed up for me earlier in the week, and I found myself washing up again several hours later – they had only washed the dinner plates and cutlery – none of the saucepans or oven trays.

I sound like a scratched record. The truth is, for the last week or so my life has been like a treadmill – get up in the morning, go to work, come home, eat dinner, wash up, noodle around on the Internet, go to bed. Every day. Relentlessly. Work has been pretty interesting, which of course means I’ve worked straight through lunchtime each day, and haven’t really touched the Internet. As I’ve said many times before, I can’t really tell you what I’ve been working on – for one, you would be bored to death, and for another, I’m not really allowed to.

I’ve deleted the next paragraph of this post three times. I’m going to stop trying. Maybe the “writing about nothing” skills are on the wane.

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