Distracted on Sunday Morning

I woke a little after 6am this morning, rolled over, looked at my bedside clock, and immediately fell back asleep. I have vague memories of my other half arriving in the room between 5 and 6am – I’m guessing she fell asleep in the living room while binge-watching season 5 of “Game of Thrones”. I finally woke at half past seven, and stared at the ceiling for a while. Finally eight oclock rolled around, and the annoying corner of my brain that whispers “you’re wasting the day” became more and more insistent.

Roll forwards another hour and I’m up, showered, dressed, teeth brushed, lounge tidied, kitchen cleared (including the mysterious sink full of cups, plates, and glasses that greet me every morning despite me clearing them the night before), and now sitting at the computer in the junk room typing this. There is some forgettable music coming from the old iPad, propped on the corner of the desk.

I re-installed the old Netbook computer last night – with hopes of using it as a word processor for blogging over the coming weeks. It will eventually be replaced by the laptop my parents are getting rid of, but for the moment it’s a pretty good solution. The touchpad isn’t reliable on it, but we have a wireless mouse that will work with it. Not a big problem.

It’s funny – I often look at pictures on the internet at the writing/blogging environment that people proudly display for “just so” photos, and smile. If only people could see the ramshackle collection of old bits and pieces I use. The netbook I just wrote about was bought for one of the kids two years ago for Christmas – I’ve ended up with it because the touchpad has something wrong with it. I’ve written about the desktop computer I’m writing this on before – “Trigger’s Broom” – made of bits and pieces of old computers that have failed over the years. In the canvas bag under the desk I have an old Chromebook that I tend to take with me on adventures. On the shelf that bows under the weight of old books, there is an old netbook – back from a time when Netbooks were the “new big thing”. It’s been all over the country with me over the years, and still works like new (if a little sluggishly).

Over the years – and the various hand-me-down computers that I make do with – I have ended up relying almost totally on “cloud” solutions for most things. I have no backups any more – there is no point, because none of the important stuff is stored here. We are slowly selling off all of our CDs and DVDs, in favour of streaming music and movies from the net. All of our photos go straight into the mighty Google’s storage boxes in the sky, directly from our mobile phones. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a “proper” camera. Random files I need now and then are thrown into either DropBox, or Google Drive.

The kids got up a few minutes ago – they are busy fighting over who’s having a shower or a bath. Miss 10 made it to the shower before Miss 12 started running a bath, which caused Miss 12 to go nuclear. Apparently it was all my fault, according to my other half. She’s heading out in a few minutes to spend the day with her Mum – watching her late father’s stamp collection get auctioned off. Although I have no idea what stamps are worth, I think they might have a surprise – they are auctioning off his entire life’s collection.

I would normally say “I guess I better get on”, but it’s Sunday, and the kids and my other half are in the middle of a two week holiday from school – so there are no school clothes to get ready for tomorrow, and there is no homework to chase. I might surprise them and take them out for lunch later. We’ll see…

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