All the President’s Men

I watched the movie “All the President’s Men” last night on the iPad while sitting in bed, keeping half an ear our for our teenage daughter, who was having another spectacular falling down moment (a very long story for another day).

I had never seen the movie before – I’m not entirely sure why. I’m sure most people know it’s an account of the press exposé of the campaign funding that lead from the burglary at the Watergate hotel, and eventually caused Nixon to resign his presidency.

What I didn’t know until I started reading after the movie finished was how much the FBI knew at the time – pretty much everything the journalists discovered, and far, far more. I also didn’t realise how many years the investigation dragged on for – Woodward and Bernstein really only discovered the tip of the iceberg, but it began the trail that eventually lead to Nixon’s resignation.

I can’t help wondering what would have happened if the editors at the Washington Post had decided not to run Woodward and Berstein’s story – would the FBI have continued to pursue the trail of evidence?

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