Anonymous in London

I returned to London for a meeting with a potential client today – the first time back in the city for a while. I got a lift to one of the nearby railway stations with a co-worker, and managed to leave my phone in their car, but other than that the journey was remarkably uneventful.

It’s interesting – travelling with somebody. Where normally I might stop to take photographs along the way, or to sit in a coffee shop and watch the world go by, when you’re with somebody you can’t really do any of that.

So I have no photos. No stories to tell. Sorry.

Maybe I need a note like Batman on the calendar at work – “I work alone, and only in black – and very dark shades of grey”.

Actually, while referencing the LEGO movie, it’s funny how big cities so often resemble the opening scenes of the LEGO movie – with the endless stream of people and traffic in all directions. When you start to think about each person coming from somewhere, going somewhere, doing something, perhaps having a family, children, parents, and so on, it starts to make your head explode. Maybe not literally explode, but I’m hoping you know what I mean. 

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