This evening I have been mostly tinkering with a sort-of-secret project – except it’s not so secret any more because I uploaded it to GitHub (meaning – I’ve immediately given what I did away to the world and it’s dog). I guess I still have open source evangelist tendencies even after all these years. Who knew ?There’s kind of a back-story here. I own the domain with my name on it. I guess that’s kind of like owning the bullet with your own name on it – only slightly less creepy, but just as narcissistic (is that even a word?). You can probably also guess from the tumbling mess of unstructured sentences that I’m tired, and I should have gone to bed hours ago, but an alarm went off in my head that says “YOU DIDN’T POST ON THE BLOG TODAY”… so here I am.

I got sidetracked.

I own the domain with my name on it. Over the course of the last year I have connected just about every famous content management system to it – from WordPress, to Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, Ghost… you name it, I’ve tried it out. I may as well have set fire to a tin can full of money.

Today I kind of stopped the idiocy, by taking advantage of an oversight in the payment form for some web-hosting, which meant I got two years for the price of one. I was sitting on the fence, filling the order form out, and then discovered I only had to pay half as much, so clicked the “take all my money” button.

Half the reason for doing it – for building yet another “thing” on the internet – is because I keep reading about all these web development frameworks such as “Bootstrap”, but I don’t really get a chance to play with them while at work – and if I use something like WordPress, I’ll just pick a theme, and go with it – and learn nothing in the process.

So yeah… this evening I created a theme for an entirely new blog platform (well… new to me), and used Bootstrap to make it all fancy, and responsive (meaning you can look at it in a mobile device, and it will look fine and dandy). I’ve been nerding out over it all night. I forgot how much I liked doing web development.

ANYWAY! (I always have to fit an “anyway” into a post  somewhere, right?)Time to go make a coffee, email friends, and then fall into bed. Oh – and post this to the interwebs.

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