Once upon a time

Once upon a time I used to write a personal blog. It was filled with candid moments from the day. It was interesting, in a slightly voyeuristic way. It told stories, recorded memories, and wandered from subject to subject like a leaf floating along a river. Somehow, somewhere along the way, it stopped being about life, and started being about nothing in particular – and nothing in particular isn’t particularly interesting. Something needs to be done about it, and that something is starting now.

Of course, the nature of grand pronouncements on the internet is that they are not worth the few bytes of storage space they take up. By tomorrow another post will appear about nothing at all, and then another. In six months time I’ll write another version of this post – and then a year later, I’ll re-purpose this post, and hope nobody notices.

I’m kind of stuck in a recursive hell at the moment. There’s a lot going on that I can’t really share – which brings the whole idea of writing a personal blog into question. Part of the problem is sitting at a desk too much recently. When I travel on my own with work, I take photos, record thoughts, and watch the world go by. When I’m stuck in the company of others I have to concentrate on them, and the whole “experience” is lost.

Fear not though, if you managed to read this far. I will be travelling soon. Next week I return to the North of England, and the wonders of living from a hotel room – buying salads from supermarkets, and sitting up until all-hours reading books on the Kindle.

Looking further into the future, I will be returning to Selkirk in Scotland, possibly travelling by plane this time – if only to compare and contrast against the east coast train journey. More opportunities to experience life – to people watch – to record the mundane – the good stuff. Somebody joked about travelling on the Flying Scotsman – I might investigate that – you never know.

So bear with me, poor reader, while I wade the current shallows. I promise there are better things to come.

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