Stopping the Madness

I’m stopping the cross-posting madness. For the last several months I had been cross-posting between WordPress, Tumblr, and LiveJournal. I’ve had enough of it. I know I’ve done this before (several times), I know I’ve gone back on my words (several times), and I know I never learn either. I have killed the LiveJournal blog entirely, and have removed the cross-posted bits from Tumblr too. If people want to read my nonsense, they can come here and find it.

Anyway… as you might have guessed from the photo accompanying this post, I am sitting in the office at work, taking a break. It’s mightily quiet in the office today – I had a wander round earlier while making a coffee, and only found four people in the entire building. I guess everybody is either on leave, or on-site around the country at various locations.(fast forward several hours)The clock is ticking towards 11pm. That’s a strange phrase really, isn’t it – if we were going to be more accurate about it, we might say “the earth is rotating slowly towards the point at which I will be half-way across the shadow cast by the star it orbits”. I guess it’s easier to say “it’ late”. It’s late on Friday night, and the weekend is stretched out in front of me – a weekend filled with all manner of obligations, with a party in the middle of it. A social/fund-raiser at the local junior school.

Anyway. It’s getting late. Time to shut the computer down, make a coffee, and go watch garbage TV for half an hour before hitting the sack.

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