Organising the Archives

I’ve decided to start out on a somewhat long, somewhat arduous process, which will be helped in no uncertain terms by the skill-set I bring to it. I’m probably making no sense.

I’m going to wrap up the archives of my blog into books for each year. This isn’t so much a vanity project, as a “clearing the decks” project. It strikes me that the internet is very much about the here and now – visitors to blogs very rarely read the back-story unless they have that particular character flaw shared by psychotic exes, and aggrieved family members. With that in mind, it seems there is no real value in keeping the content from years past published on the internet – and solves the headache of looking after such a vast repository of content (I have over four thousand posts).

Nothing is going to happen immediately – I’m going to do a little experimenting with Scrivener, and spin up a virtual machine with WordPress installed to see how difficult it might be to export everything into a format that Scrivener can easily pick up. Until that’s done, it’s an academic exercise.

I suppose longer term I might start looking towards some kind of publishing workflow – authoring somewhere, backing up somewhere, compiling somewhere else, and publishing live posts to the internet. It all seems like a lot of work at the moment, but once rationalised will probably become very straightforward (I’m thinking Scrivener, Dropbox, and WordPress).

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