Leaving Early

It’s half past two in the afternoon, and I’m watching my work laptop backup a virtual machine. I’m headed to far flung client sites to demonstrate software tomorrow, and the day after – so am taking the backup as a safeguard of sorts. I’m looking at a 5am alarm tomorrow morning – to get to the railway station for 6am, into London, and then north to the other end of the country for 9am in order to meet a co-worker for a quick coffee before reaching the client site at 10, kicking off the first meeting at 10:30. Sometimes you stand back and look at the succession of requirements to “be here at this time”, “be there at this time”, and start to see your life like a huge inescapable treadmill. Not fun.

I’m taking a minimal bag with me – a paper notebook, the laptop, the Kindle, and that’s about it. I have to stand in front of the faculty of one of the bigger universities in the UK, and talk at length about several entire suites of products and their underlying technologies for the better part of the day – fielding questions, demonstrating, and so on. It’s funny – I always fear being “found out” when facing new crowds at client sites – I fear that there will be somebody in the audience that knows more than me – that will ask horrible questions that I can’t answer.

Let’s just hope – given the early start in the morning – that I don’t fall asleep on the way home. I think maybe an early night may be on the cards this evening.

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