Once upon a time – while wandering the internet in search of interesting, thought provoking blogs to follow – I discovered one of perhaps the most exceptional blogs I have ever found. The author wrote at length about life, struggles, dark thoughts, hopes, dreams – it seemed like she could turn a tap on her head, and pour her thoughts onto the page. I became an immediate fan, and have been reading on-and-off for several years now.

Her name is Emily, and her blog is called “Prose and Constellations” – I urge you to check it out, because it’s always been an inspiration of sorts. That’s not why I’m writing about her today though.

A couple of years ago – while struggling with the slings and arrows life was throwing at her, Emily posted a YouTube video holding a ukulele, and nervously singing a few snatches of favourite songs.

Fast forwards to this month, and a debut EP has landed on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. The story behind her rise from obscurity – and the group of local artists that have gathered around her – is starting to pick up momentum in the media. She tells the story far better than I might though, so I won’t attempt to – go read her blog.

The first music video is on YouTube, so I’ll leave you with it, and wish Emily all the luck in the world. Given the struggles with anxiety she has charted over the years in her blog, I can only imagine the courage required to stand up in front of the internet to be listened to, judged, and potentially mocked.

Here’s “Polaris” – the first EP from the upcoming album “Ad Astra”:

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