Doing Nothing On Purpose

It’s Friday night, and I’ve been kicking around the house doing nothing on purpose – which sounds tremendously lazy, but given the week I’ve had, hopefully nobody will think too badly of me. While I can’t share too much, lets just say I’ve been head down, writing code for much of the week. I forgot how draining it is – and how much of a fault I have in my make-up.

I’m a perfectionist. I guess some of it comes from having worked on open-source code in the past – and the judgement that might come from others looking at the code. I had to keep my mouth shut while a junior developer handed over code to me this afternoon. There’s writing code, and then there’s writing code – and he isn’t writing code yet.

In other news I’ve survived four days commuting on the new bike so far. It’s still causing stares and comments – I didn’t realise how much of a unicorn a single-speed bike is, or how many people would notice it. While passing a car waiting in traffic in town this evening a driver commented about it to a passenger. I desperately need some sunglasses to wear on the bike though – as the weather warms up, the insects are proliferating – on the way home tonight I passed through a cloud of flies, and had to completely shut my eyes for a few moments – cycling completely blind until the cloud had passed. Not fun.

I would love to go out on a longer ride, but it’s not going to happen this weekend – the mornings are going to be filled with football tournaments that our youngest is playing in (both for the boys team, and the girls team), and the afternoons with dance shows that both younger children are performing in.

I didn’t write anything in the blog yesterday. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I hate missing days, but then forcing posts when you have nothing to report is stupid too. You end up describing the contents of your desk or something (and yes, I’ve really done that in the past). I’ve been thinking about pulling the plug on my Tumblr account at last – or at least completely giving up on posting anything to it. I’m loath to tell anybody at Tumblr, because that seems too much like a cry for attention – I would rather quietly step from the back door when nobody is looking.

Anyway. Enough with the random switching of subjects. Perhaps I’ll finally get around to reading a book tonight. Or write a few emails.

Oh – one more thing. Watched the first four episodes of the TV drama “Breathless” last night, starring Jack Davenport as a doctor in 1960s London. Finally called it a day at 1am, but then curiousity got the better of me earlier, and I looked it up on the internet – discovered there are only 6 episodes. If you get the chance, look it up – it’s very good. I also discovered the show got cancelled – no doubt because writing an intelligent drama that told the truth about women’s (lack of) choices in 1960s England, and the deplorable behaviour of many men was more than the producers dared attempt to get broadcast.

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