Missing a Day

I didn’t post anything on the blog yesterday. I’m not sure why. Unless I post this in the next half an hour, the absenteeism will stretch out to two days – unheard of in the recent past. It would be easy to explain the lack of writing as “nothing happening worth writing about”, but as I’ve written so many times in the past – everything is interesting to somebody – even the most mundane moments of the day.

It’s weird really. When you set out with a new blog it’s a little like having a new boat, casting off from the shore for the first time in search of adventure. Once you have a few years of posts behind you, it becomes more like the head of a snaking train heading into a mountain pass – plodding onwards, huffing and puffing as you go – recounting stories of the past to anybody that will listen.

I’m sitting in the study at home. It’s just gone 11:30pm. Tori Amos is gently singing from the old iMac alongside me on the desk. Little Earthquakes. I made a cup of hot chocolate a little while ago – the cup now stands empty on the other side of the desk. I had planned to take it up to bed with me, and to read for a while. Instead I find myself here, sitting in the dark on my own, tapping away at the keyboard. Everybody else has gone to bed.

Before opening the text editor to write this post, I spotted a news story from WordPress that they are going to roll out .blog domain names later in the year. I’m already entertaining the idea of grabbing my name, and switching this blog over to it. It would make sense. I think. It’s probably good that they’re not doing it for a few months – it gives me time to sit on my hands, and change my mind. I’m good at changing my mind about things.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I’m writing this in a text editor. It might surprise most people to learn that I very rarely write posts directly in the browser any more. I write posts in markdown format in a text editor, and save them to year and month folders in DropBox. I have every post written since 2003 in the same format. I know it sounds like insanity, but it works for me. The end-game – if I ever sort myself out – is to compile the markdown files into year-books with Scrivener, or something similar. I might even look at the Tex formatting language.

Anyway… time is getting on. I should go get some sleep. It’s nearly Friday. Nearly the weekend. This was a post about nothing in particular. I’ll try a bit harder tomorrow.

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