Beginning the next chapter of a blogging adventure

It sometimes feels like this blog has been on an epic journey around the internet – hosted by all manner of platforms, and migrated between all of the major blogging service providers. I’m not quite sure how I’ve managed to keep it all intact, to be honest. There have been times when I lost great swathes of the posts, but then re-discovered them months later among old backup data troves.

For the moment the blog has a rather bizarre URL, driven by need to find a username vaguely related to me (my initials are J.

B.), and vaguely related to it’s nature (the code “401” is the HTTP response code to web browsers meaning “Unauthorised” – I thought it apt). As soon as the “.blog” domains are enabled by WordPress, I will be purchasing one, and very much doubt the blog will ever move again (har har, famous last words).

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