In the Inbetween

I’m sitting in the dark of the study, listening to the soundtrack from the TV show “Mr Robot” via Spotify. Amazon wanted to charge full price for it – they can go whistle for that – I’ll put up with Spotify’s random adverts. I only wanted background music while writing this anyway.

I played with Snapchat again today. It’s fun, but I really don’t know if I’ll keep at it. I’ve spent the last decade writing stories, and taking photos with the express intention of keeping them. Changing that mode of behaviour – or rather adding to it – is difficult. Why would you expend effort generating something deliberately disposable? Beyond sharing random moments of the day, I can’t see the point. I’ll keep going for a while though (har har – who wants to bet I’ll still be posting stuff in a year’s time, and still complaining about it?).

(ten minutes pass while I put the younger children to bed)

Our middle girl has learned to lie. She didn’t learn it from any of us – I imagine it’s come from other children at school. She puts off anything and everything until “later”. This includes brushing her hair, brushing her teeth, and picking up her own clothes from the floor – which includes her school uniform. We recently decided to let her shame herself – leaving the house literally looking like she was involved in a traffic accident. She doesn’t seem to care – which means we then had to draw the line, and have the argument with her. Not fun.

I guess it’s time to go and watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I’ve been avoiding conversations on social media about it all day. I’ll put the kettle on first. I wonder how many chocolate biscuits an episode of Game of Thrones requires ?

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