When I arrived in the office this morning I had a couple of ideas for blog posts in my head. Those ideas have now vanished. I should really write ideas down as they come to me – sure, they weren’t earth shatteringly interesting things to write about, or read, but they were better than this.

Holy shit. I just realised the guy that sometimes sits behind me stole the coaster from my desk. I had wondered where it went. Maybe if he asks me why I took his coaster, I’ll reply “oh, the coaster that Graham bought for me ten years ago when he went to Africa, and that you thought you would just take from my desk ?”…

While on the subject of work, one of my co-workers keeps using the phrase “peachy keen” when describing somebody as enthusiastic. It annoys me, and I’m not sure why. Not enough to challenge him about it though. The same person says “depreciated” when he means “deprecated”. That annoys me too. A lot of things seem to annoy me lately.

Maybe it’s best if I stop writing before everybody presumes I just sit here complaining about anything and everything. I mean – I do, but I don’t want you to thing that.

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