Carrot Cake and Walter Mitty

It’s the last day of May, I’m back in the office, the kids are off school, and I’ve just eaten a huge piece of carrot cake. I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s kind of a relief to be back in the office, and back concentrating on work again.

I thought yesterday was going to be a nice relaxing “last day off” (it was a bank holiday weekend). Little did I know my other half would get up at 11am, and decide to start turning the garden inside out. We ended up making two trips to the local rubbish dump – once with a car full of cardboard, and a second time with a car full of garbage from the garden.

We also (somehow) ended up buying a vine. I’m guessing I will need to attach wire to the back of the house to train it up. Knowing my luck the wire will act as the biggest lightning conductor for miles around, and cause our house to reduce itself to rubble during the next thunder storm.

I tried to escape from helping in the garden at one point, but thought my other half might start casting dark spells at me, so busied myself with hacking back a small part of the jungle throughout the evening – or at least until Dominos turned up with dinner.

I had bought food in the morning to cook something for dinner, but given that we all looked like extras from a disaster movie, I really couldn’t face cooking, setting the table, and getting everybody to sit down. Instead we all collapsed into the living room around the TV and shovelled our own body-weight in pizza into our faces.

We watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” – the Ben Stiller movie from a year or so ago. I was pleasantly surprised – I liked it a lot. While watching it I posted a comment to Tumblr that I was essentially watching a movie about myself – a regular guy, who regularly gets caught up inside his own head as the world passes him by. The similarities were amusing.

Anyway. (nearly all of my posts have a single word “Anyway” sentence in them somewhere)

It’s lunchtime at work. I’m writing this before eating the sandwiches I made before leaving the house this morning. After that I’ll run out of excuses to dive head-long into a mountain of programming, never to be seen again (or at least, until home time).

Wish me luck.

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