Invitations and Discoveries

I was invited to write blog posts for a commercial organisation this morning. For a few moments my head grew to such a size that I was already considering an emergency carpentry course to fit my head back through the door-posts to leave the office, but then a modicum of reality kicked in – just in time to intercept my fingers as they began replying to the invitational email.

“I’m interested as long as you’re not running a viral marketing campaign, inviting bloggers to post idiotic marketing drivel on their own blogs about your website and products”.

I haven’t heard back. I’m guessing they read my email and thought “Wow – he’s a straight shooter – management written all over him. Better not get involved with him, or he’ll be promoted ahead of us within months”.

In other news, I’m continuing the search for interesting blogs to read. I found a few more tonight – at some point in the not too distant future I’ll attempt to build a blogroll page. I’m using Feedly to keep track of them so far (and no, I’m not going to share the depressingly OCD way I have organised them) – so should be able to turn it’s list into something presentable without too much trouble.

While hitting a rich vein in the blogging strata earlier, I discovered several fantastic blogs minutes after one another. I was starting to think in terms of Bilbo Baggins’s famous line about stepping outside your front door, but then the adventure came to a complete halt when the next thirty or so blogs I opened had either been deleted, or not posted to for several years. Hrrmmf.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones before some ass-hat reblogger or recycled media magazine ruins the story for me.

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