Banner Artwork

I’ve decided to start adding banner images to the blog. I’ll change them up every so often, but at least it will give visitors something interesting to look at, right ? Perhaps this is an admission that the words are very rarely interesting enough to attract any attention whatsoever – so I’ll not talk about that too much. Hey look! Pretty pictures!

The first one (cropped from the above photo) was taken in an amazing comic book shop in London called Forbidden Planet. I’ve taken the kids there several times, purely as an excuse to go there myself. They have all manner of extremely expensive figurines in glass cases for people to gaze at in wonder, and never afford.

The photos I throw into the banner will all come from my Instagram account – I guess this means I need to start taking photos again, otherwise you’re just going to get banner images of cups of coffee, and railway platforms.

Postscript – I already changed the banner…

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