Where did Sunday go ?

It’s just gone 3pm. My other half arrived home from the Brownie camping expedition a little before lunchtime. I made lunch for everybody, then took the children to the carnival in town inbetween rain showers. While wandering back from town I bought groceries, and fell out with our middle girl (she ran off in the supermarket, bought herself a bottle of coke, and drank it as fast as she could before I found out).

Rain is falling outside. All I appear to have done all weekend so far is cut the hedge, sort the recycling, wash clothes, dry clothes, make meals, wash up, and drag the kids away from my other half. The washing machine and tumble dryer are still running flat out as I write this, and several mountains of folded clothes sit on the dining room table, waiting for little people to not bother picking them up until they are threatened.

In a couple of hours time the kids will suddenly remember they had homework, and will need help with it, because of course they can’t do the same stuff at home that they’ve been doing at school without assistance, and of course I’ll teach them different methods of solving maths problems than they are supposed to use. We won’t mention the time I taught our eldest how to add numbers up in infant school (by writing one above the other, and adding the columns up – like everybody has, ever), and how “I had taught her the wrong way”…

Holy crap this blog post seems negative. I need to do something to turn it around. The truth is though, I’ve got very little. Life is a treadmill at the moment. Not just for me – for many people, it seems. I wandered into Tumblr a little earlier to see what people were posting, and the happy-go-lucky band of far flung acquaintances I have made over the last several years all seem to be on a bit of a downer at the moment. I’m not sure why. No doubt those with an astrological bent would wax lyrical about “Mercury being in retrograde” or some such other bollocks. Perhaps in response I’ll throw my teabag at the wall, and say “my wife’s going to kill me”.

I’m off to make another coffee.

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