Hacked WiFi Networks

One of my co-workers noticed this yesterday. The Wireless network of one of the buildings nearby has been changed to “Tim’s Gay But Fuck House”. I’m not sure what’s funnier – that this has been done, or that the person that did it can’t spell.

For a while I wondered if it might be the wireless network owned by the guy that stalks the pretty lady across the way. Could it have been her that walked straight into his router because he was too stupid to change the factory default password ? Sadly, it turns out his name is not Tim, which ruins an otherwise hilarious story. Maybe he told her his name is Tim? Maybe that’s his porn name?! Maybe he leases the Porsche because he stars in mature porn movies on the internet? Maybe she used to star in them with him?

I’ll shut up before I get into trouble. I can spell “libel”, and “slander”.

I saw the pretty lady for the first time in ages the other day. We used to cross paths almost every morning and evening – me cycling to work or home – her walking her dog. For whatever reason, we rarely see each other any more. We smiled, waved, and shouted hello to each other – that’s all we ever do – all we have ever done.

I suppose I should get on. I’m leaving early today to watch our youngest take part in “Sports Day” at school. Should be fun, although torrential thunder, rain, and lightning has been forecast for late this afternoon. Let’s hope I’m not swimming home.

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