Father’s Day

It’s just gone 10am. Myself and our middle girl are the only ones up so far. I made bacon sandwiches for breakfast, and cups of tea for everybody. Miss 15’s is still sitting on the worktop in the kitchen – no sign of her getting up yet.

Nobody remembered it was Father’s Day. Our middle girl shouted “Happy Father’s Day” after she overheard the presenters talking about it on the radio while I was cooking bacon.

I’m not going to dwell, because organising or doing anything for Father’s Day would have meant hassle – doing nothing means I get to actually spend the day doing what I want (mostly). I’ll still end up washing clothes, tidying up, going grocery shopping, and so on – because that always happens, but other than that I’ll hopefully be able to get away with sitting quietly in the study and tinkering with stuff.

We went out for dinner last night with friends – to a Thai restaurant in a nearby town. It’s funny – I looked at the menu, and noticed that many of the dish descriptions were written in the first person. I thought it odd, because the restaurant is a part of a chain. Kind of disingenuous to “pretend” a single chef has written all the menus for a chain of restaurants, and that they will be personally cooking for you. Anyway… the food was predictably amazing. I took a couple of photos of the food – they are on Instagram if you are interested (we all laughed as I aimed my phone at the food, and asked if I really needed to grow a beard and wear an iWatch before posting photos of food to the internet).

While writing this, the silence pervading the house is deafening. Our youngest is at a sleepover. Eldest is not up. Other half is not up. Middle girl is watching cartoons in the lounge. I can vaguely hear the radio in the kitchen. There’s something missing. The washing machine!

Time to go collect together dirty clothes I suppose. Climb back aboard the treadmill, and start plodding.

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