Well Played Mr Astley

One of my co-workers just informed whoever happened to be listening that Rick Astley has released a new album, and that it was at the top of the album charts. Given that I (quite proudly, in that curmudgeonly way people of a certain age can get away with) don’t follow music at all any more, I expressed mock surprise, and set off towards the Amazon website to see what this new album might have on it.

It struck me while reading the track list that it would be incredibly funny if every track on the album – regardless of the title – was “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Looking at the various tracks on the album, I noticed one track in particular had a huge amount of positive feedback, and wondered why for about two milliseconds. It’s called “Angels on my Side”. Well played Mr Astley. Well played indeed. You’ve written a track that church congregations up and down the land will go and buy, and sing badly at their weekly gatherings before going out to buy the album.

Let’s not forget though – you’re going to be hard pressed to beat Katy Perry, who pulled the best trick ever with “Firework”. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about.

When “Firework” stormed to the top of the charts, the usual bunch of happy clappy leaders at Churches up and down the land realised that they could make it fit against all sorts of stories they wanted to tell next Sunday, so printed up sheets of lyrics, and got everybody to sing it. Then everybody went out and bought the album because they were so impressed. And then they were horrified (quite hilariously) because of course the album is filled with songs about kissing girls, showing people your peacock, and all sorts of other fantastic not-so-subtle messages.

Serves them right.

So let’s hope (all fingers crossed here) that Mr Astley has filled the rest of the album either with mis-titled copies of “Never Gonna Give You Up”, or with songs about satanism, atheism, lesbian sex, gay pride, or whatever else will horrify your usual Sunday morning god botherer.

p.s. this was a party political broadcast on behalf of the “I voted in the Brexit referendum this morning, and I’m only mentioning it so search results will pick this post up” party.

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