Emptying my Head

It’s been a pretty brutal week, and I’m more than happy the weekend has arrived. I thought about describing exactly what I’ve been working on in the daytime, but fear it might cause you to doze off instantaneously. Or pull your own eyeballs out. Not sure which.

As you will already know if you read the most previous post, I spent at least one evening this week (and one early morning) ripping my blog up by it’s roots, throwing it all through a giant imaginary blender of my own invention, and pouring it all into a new pot on the internet. Again – I thought about writing a long and detailed article about the imaginary blender, but chose not to – because you really would have pulled your own eyeballs out for that one.

So what is there left to write about? What has been on my mind this week?

How about the madness going on in the US at the moment? Where a police officer shot a guy in his car at point blank range, and then a group of people started shooting police officers in retaliation. I can’t help thinking that if the people were not allowed to carry guns, the police wouldn’t need to carry guns. I guess it might be a shock to people in the US that our police have never carried guns – they have to call for a specialist unit to attend a scene with weaponry – and even then, the guns and the ammunition have to be transported to the location separately, and the officers using them have to undergo regular psychiatric evaluations.

I don’t know why I’m bothering expressing any thoughts though, because they will make no difference. People over there will continue to bang on about their right to “bear arms”, and will continue to shoot each other in the street. It’s a similar argument to buying a big car – where people buy a tank of a 4×4 with the reasoning that if they are involved in an accident, there is less chance they will be injured. The people they hit will die, but let’s not think about them. A few years ago the government over here slapped a new tax on vehicles with bars on the front. The bars have now gone, but there are still cars on the road that weigh more than 5 tons. It’s ridiculous.

Change of subject needed.

I’ve kind of fallen off the “social” internet this week, and I’m not sure I know how to get back on. I’ve thought about killing accounts all over the place and walking away from them, but then had second thoughts. I always have second thoughts. Better to sit on my hands than delete stuff. I’ve looked in on Twitter, but tried to stay away from Facebook.

I guess I’m just fed up of the toxic stew that Facebook has become. In many ways the Brexit aftermath was Facebook’s finest hour – everybody showed their true colours – a lot of the two face specialists dropped their act, and showed the world what self serving, self interested, elitist idiots they are. It was like watching a car crash in slow motion.

Twitter has ended up as the unlikely victor in this week of non-interactivity. I guess it’s persuasive because you don’t have to try very hard – you can just dip in and out – read a few posts, post something random, and go about your business. I would post an analogy (“it’s like…”), but I know somebody that spouts analogies all the time, and has kind of made me analogy averse – so you’ll have to think your own up.

Oh – nearly forgot. I bought a book from Amazon earlier – “You’re Never Weird on the Internet” by Felicia Day. I need to finish Emma’s book about Paris first though. I’m terrible for buying the next book before finishing the current book, and there really is no excuse with the Kindle, because you can acquire books in seconds. The Felicia Day book does look good though.

Right. Enough waffling. Time to go watch some rubbish on TV, and chill out for a bit. Or maybe have a read of Twitter… or Reddit… or watch something on YouTube… or NetFlix… or maybe catch up on some of the blogs on the blogroll… and that’s why I never get anything done late on an evening.

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