Thursday Night and Friday Morning

I have been sitting here for an hour now – wondering what to write. I guess this perpetuates the grand tradition of “I have nothing to say, and I’m saying it”. I’m sitting on the couch in the lounge, illuminated by the dim light of the fish-tank in the corner of the room. The television has been off for most of the evening. I tried to start watching the new season of “Mr Robot”, but I’m guessing the network engineers are up to something again – it suddenly stopped streaming twice. I’m giving it an hour before trying again.

How is it nearly Friday already? This week has flown by – perhaps because I’ve been head down on development work – up to my ears in code. I sometimes wonder how many more years of “being a software developer” I have left in me. You don’t see many older developers around, and given the structure and size of the company I work for, there really isn’t a route upwards. If I ever get fed up with thumping my desk each day, I’m not sure what I might do instead.

I would love to write a blog for a living, but most of the bloggers that manage to do that seem to have gained notoriety through some sort of cataclysmic event – either in their career, or their life. I’m thinking about Dooce, and Belle du Jour. They are the “unicorns” of the blogging world though – the incredibly rare blogs that captured the imagination of journalists, and then a wider audience. I’ve also known some incredible bloggers that never became famous – many of them are still out there, writing for fun. They have slowly become the inspiration for “keeping on keeping on” with this whole blogging lark. My writing pales in comparison to theirs, but I don’t really mind. I’m not here to win a Pulitzer.

I’m writing this on my old netbook. It has Debian Linux installed on it – which replaced Ubuntu in the recent past. Installing Debian seemed like “the right thing to do” – an aspirational move to appease the Open Source gods for not having contributed anything to the swirling morass of the internet in quite some time (which is unusual for me). I guess it’s the technological equivalent of a classic typewriter – revered by a niche group of operating system zealots, and lauded at any and all opportunities over competing operating systems such as OSX, or Windows 10. I considered writing this on the Raspberry Pi in the other room – just for fun. I’m not entirely sure why.

Anyway. It’s heading towards midnight, and I’m falling asleep while writing this. Time to call it a day.

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