Scorched Earth

At some point yesterday evening a snowball of an idea started rolling through my brain. By the time I got up this morning it had gained momentum somewhat – culminating in not so much a bout of “tinkering” with the various places I frequent online, as carpet bombing them, and planting new seeds in the freshly scorched earth.

I will admit there were moments of doubt while watching countless posts from the past vanish. I think it was Fox Mulder that said “nothing vanishes without a trace” – well obviously he’s never met me, because I arrived reciting lines from a Mafia instruction book – “I want the posts gone, deleted, burned, the trash burned, the backups burned, and then I want the entire site bulldozed into a pit set on fire again”. Suffice to say there was very little left by the time I finished.

So what do I do next? I can’t help thinking writing something would be a good idea.

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