Truthful Tuesday

I thought it might be interesting to take part in one of the more popular blogging memes that do the rounds, and write down a truth about myself. Unburden myself a little.

I have lots of acquaintances, but I have very few friends. I can count people I would class as a friend on the fingers of my hands in both the real world, and on the internet. They know who they are, and I appreciate them enormously – even if I never tell them as much.

Here’s the thing though – which proves my credentials as perhaps the most contrary person you’re ever likely to meet – I like having few friends. I don’t think I would be able to cope with lots of friends. When anybody knocks on the door I approach it with apprehension – if it happened all the time, I’m not entirely sure how I would react.

If I’m honest about it, I kind of prefer friends on the internet in some ways, because it’s easier to confide in somebody you will likely never meet. I suppose some of that is wrapped up in the way I use the internet. It is a late night escape for me – a place to go away from the expectations and obligations that most people accrue as they get older.

So there you go. Very few friends. If you read this and thought “I’d like to be your friend”, send me an email – I promise to reply.

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