It’s Wednesday. Officially half-way through an ultimately forgettable week. I’m guessing the rest of the universe has gone on holiday already – I’m not going anywhere until the last two weeks of the school summer vacation, so have another three weeks treading water until then.

I was going to write a long and meandering post about the apps I use to write blog posts, and how those words make their way to the interwebs. I’ve kind of sworn myself off from writing about blogging though, because it’s only remotely interesting to me. I guess you’ll have to put up with the random crap floating around my head today.

I miss the lady that used to live across the way. She moved out a few weeks ago. I never really knew her beyond “hello”, but in my head the plot for a tangled imaginary relationship between us had begun to take shape – where I would sneak over to her house without my co-workers knowledge for a coffee, and wander around the grounds of the estate walking her dog with her, talking about life, the universe, and everything.

I live inside my head a lot. Nobody I know in the real world really knows the extent of the idiocy churning around between my ears. I don’t have imaginary people walking around, like Elliot sees in “Mr Robot”, or John Nash saw in “A Beautiful Mind”, but I do wander off on daydreamed adventures. A lot.

I guess there is a connection somewhere about choosing friends on the internet over friends in real life. On the internet you can interract as little or as much as you want. In real life you have to be present, focussed, engaged, and all those other words. The chance to just pull your virtual hoodie over you head, and walk away from a conversation without anybody realising doesn’t exist in the real world. I think people call it “ghosting”.

I “ghost” objectional people all the time. Rather than react to their ignorant, racist, sexist, or whatever-else-ist content, I ignore them. Sometimes I unfollow, unsubscribe, or block, but it’s rare. I’m good at ignoring.

Maybe the reason I see so much good in people (even the ass-hats) is because I’m so good at ignoring. I’ll skip straight past the multitude of posts where somebody attempts to validate their lack of relationship, job, or whatever else, and hit the heart icon on a well filtered mugshot. I don’t see the point in being negative. Conversley, I almost always read the posts many others disregard as “TLDR” (Too Long, Didn’t Read).

There is probably only one subject that will cause me to instantly lose interest in somebody – their religion. If they advertise the fact that they are religious, I’m going to walk straight past, and probably start whistling and humming quite loudly, while holding a hand up with “not interested” written on it in caps. The worst ones are those that make a point of telling you their religion in the first sentence of their bio – like it’s more important than who they are, or what they think about anything.

I love that some of the people I have crossed paths with have become close friends. I love that we share candid emails, instant messages, and photos from time to time – a back channel of sorts behind the vast machinations of the “social internet”. I guess we’re proving that life always finds a way.

I didn’t set out to write all the rubbish above, but I appear to have done so quite successfully. If you made it this far – as ever – you probably deserve a medal.

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