Coffee Solves Everything

I woke a little after 3am this morning after being elbowed by my other half. I woke with a start to be informed that I had been snoring like a demented diesel engine. I rolled over and promptly fell asleep – waking up for the second time a little after 7:30am.

While the kids are on summer vacation I don’t have to make lunches or breakfasts, so the morning becomes my own – pottering around feeding the cats and the fish before quietly leaving the house, and starting the cycle to work.

Being honest, I was dreading today. I had been scheduled to connect to a distant computer system to find out why it wasn’t working correctly. I spent my time in the shower this morning thinking through the various things that might be wrong, before firing off an email as soon as I arrived for information. It quickly became apparent that the problem was much more fundamental than my realm so I enlisted the help of a co-worker, and offered to make us both a coffee.

After wandering down to the kitchen, I did the classic problem solving trick – figuring out what was going on while pouring hot water into the coffee cups. I raced back to the office and breathlessly tried to explain what I thought was wrong. Turned out I was right. Ten minutes later the problem was fixed, and an explanation emailed to the client.

I had been assigned all day to work on the problem, so suddenly had time on my hands. You can probably guess what I spent the last hour doing if you know me well. Let’s just say the WordPress blog went from having thirty posts to nearly four thousand.

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