Random Thoughts on Thursday Night

I suppose technically it’s already Friday morning, but it still feels like Thursday night to me, so the title will stay as is.

We have a little girl on a sleepover tonight – sharing a tent in the back garden with Miss 12. My other half is camped out on the couch downstairs in case they need anything, and our youngest is having a camp-out in the lounge with her – meaning I have the entire double bed to myself tonight. I’m sitting writing this on the netbook, propped up in bed by the only pillow they left behind.

I can’t help wondering what time the kids will wake up tomorrow, given that they only settled down a few minutes ago. If they’re up before 7am I’ll be surprised.

I setup WordPress for Miss 15 earlier. I very much doubt she will use it yet – Tumblr is much more obvious – but she now has her name reserved in case she decides she really likes this whole blogging lark. I had to explain Twitter to her earlier – she had an account before, but has never really used it. The whole conversation about Twitter, Tumblr, and WordPress forced me to think about the differences between them – about how you might use each one.

I’m sure everybody thinks of different internet platforms as having different use-cases, but I ended up deciding that Twitter is sticky notes, Tumblr is a scrap book, and WordPress is a diary – or at least that’s how I have always used them. I’m sure everybody is different.

I wonder if Netflix will work on this old Netbook? Time to find out I suppose.

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