Drifting Away

I picked up a local newspaper this afternoon and read “the stars” out to everybody – the astrological predictions of the days ahead. I left my own until last, laughing in-between them all – until I read my own:

This week will bring about changes, mainly in your attitude to your relationships. Don’t let restlessness upset a good situation but if you are looking for love or moving on, this can be a magical time. There will be a surprise around the corner that can make your eyes sparkle.

Aren’t Astrologers full of shit. They prey on common insecurities, and use all manner of cold reading techniques to construct false confidences. And even though every rational thought in my head should ignore their popular brand of horse-shit, the prediction in today’s newspaper struck a chord with me. Of course it was probably pure chance – but the sliver of doubt the words levered open has picked away at me all evening.

I know am on holiday – I know my head is filled with thoughts about changing the status quo. I guess the problem might be that I am not happy at the moment, and haven’t been for a very long time. The manifestation of it has been more evident recently – pushing away from some of the best friends I have known on the internet. Maybe “pushing away” is a bit strong – slowly drifting away might be a better to describe my actions. Intentionally casting off, and letting the current take everybody away from me.

I don’t really know why I’m doing it either. I’ve made wonderful friends over the last couple of years. Friends that will stand the test of time. Friends that inspire, enthuse and enthral me. And yet I’m edging slowly away from them. All of them.

Maybe it’s time I started doing something about it, before it’s too late.

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