Oh So Quiet

My other half is walking a section of the “Thames Challenge” for charity this weekend with her Mum – as far as I understand, they are doing a 20+ kilometre section of the challenge, expecting to take five to six hours. I’m keeping up with her progress via a mobile app called “ViewRanger”, which reports her position every so often.

While she is away, our youngest has gone to a football match about 20 miles away – thankfully another family were able to give her a lift – while I try to dry washing, and keep an eye on the other children. It’s hammering down with rain outside, which isn’t exactly helping efforts to wash or dry anything at all. Fun.

I’ve already bought pizzas for dinner tonight – the children and I are going to have a pizza and movie night together. The only outstanding question is what movie to watch. I haven’t looked around to see what’s out yet – I’m thinking something exciting to combat the dreary rainy day outside. Maybe a Star Wars marathon if I can talk them into it.

In other news, I re-installed the old desktop computer last night with Windows 10. Because it’s shared between everybody, it’s not really fair to subject the children to Linux. It took me the best part of three hours to re-install it from scratch, run all the updates, install all the standard applications (LibreOffice, Chrome, VLC, etc), create everybody a user account, login as them, clear out all the cruft, configure their various logins (mainly Google and DropBox), and then back the entire thing up to an external hard drive. At least next time it will only take twenty minutes to revert the computer to a “clean” state.

Anyway. The tumble dryer has stopped. I should go and see about trying to dry some more clothes. Hopefully you’re having a bit more fun this weekend than me. Feel free to say hello if you’re around – a distraction would be good.

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